Numi Tea
Monkey King
Jasmine Tea

Scented Green Tea

From Hunan Province, this light and fragrant green tea is scented with delicate Jasmine flowers,
imparting a floral sweetness to the tea.

Jasmine tea is the oldest known scented tea, and begins its life in the gardens of Hunan Province. The rich soil and fluctuations in daily temperature yield a fragrant leaf which is further scented with delicate white Jasmine blossoms. During summer, these are gathered daily by the banks of the Min River and repeatedly mated each night with the prepared tea, which naturally embraces all of the flowers' scent.

When brewed, this green tea has layers of subtle flavors and perfumes, and hints of moonlight. It is a most romantic tea, and, like a bowl of fresh picked flowers, will bring the joy of summer to your every sip.

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