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French Press Coffee Brewing

The French Press coffee brewing method is by far superior to drip brewing and is great for people who like to make fresh coffee in small quantities. You can purchase a French Press at any coffee shop or department store (Earthtones Coffee House sells a single-serving French Press). You can also use the French Press to brew tea and froth milk.

With a French Press, you can enjoy the great coffee of Earthtones Coffee House for much less cost, in the privacy of your own home!

Step 1
Purchase fresh coffee beans, and store them in a cool, dry place, such as a cupboard. Beans begin to noticeably lose their flavor after a week of storage. Never store coffee beans in the refrigerator - they may take on the flavor of other foods, and vice-versa.
Step 2
Heat filtered water to a temperature of 190. I've found that, short of using a thermometer, the best way to achieve this temperature is by boiling water (to 216), then letting it sit and cool while I prepare the beans.
Step 3
Measure the desired quantity of beans. This isn't an exact science; my grinder lid has marks for measuring, so I use that as an indication.
Step 4
Grind the beans in a coffee grinder or food processor to a grainy (not sandy) consistency. It should be comparable to the course salt commonly used with beverages. Grind them too fine, and your coffee will be gritty and over brewed; grind them too coarse, and you'll end up with very bitter water.
Step 5
Pour the ground coffee into the bottom of the French Press. You'll want to brew your coffee within a half an hour of grinding your beans, to ensure that it doesn't lose its flavor.
Step 6
Add a bit more of that 190 water that the amount of coffee you plan to make; the coffee grounds will absorb a small amount of the water. You can only fill French Presses to a certain level, usually to the metal ring that runs around the outside.
Step 7
Swirl the coffee grounds with a spoon to ensure that they properly mix with the water.
Step 8
Put the lid on your French Press, and push the screen down until it is even with the top of the water. Also, make sure the spout is covered by the lid’s lip. This keeps the beans in the water where they work their magic, and also prevents heat from escaping too quickly.
Step 9
It takes four minutes for your coffee to brew. Time it to make sure that your coffee is perfect.
Step 10
Once four minutes have elapsed, push the screen down slowly. This plunges the beans, isolating them at the bottom of the French Press to ease the pouring. Turn the lid to “strain.”
Step 11
Pour your coffee immediately, before it has time to over-brew. Over-brewing will extract unwanted elements of the coffee bean.
Step 12
Enjoy your coffee! Be sure to dismantle the French Press and wash it thoroughly after each use. Even small residual pieces of coffee beans can spoil your next batch of coffee.


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