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A dessert made with vanilla ice cream, a flavored syrup, espresso, whipped cream, and a chocolate wafer.

Slang for Caffe Americano.


The Italian word for Bartender; espresso machine operator.

A combination of varietal coffee beans, carefully mixed during the roasting process by someone trained in the art of coffee roasting, to achieve a certain flavor. See also Coffee, Varietal

Bubble Tea
An interesting drink imported from Taiwan, usually consisting of tea, milk, sugar, and small gummy balls that are sucked up through the straw. See also Tea

An espresso drink made with steamed half and half. See also Caffe Latté


Café Au Lait
Usually drip coffee mixed with steamed milk and topped with milk foam. This results in a more gourmet-tasting coffee drink. Not to be confused with Caffe Olé (pronounced nearly the same) which is another name for the Caffe Con Espresso.

Caffe Americano
Espresso that has been "Americanized" by adding hot water. This gives the espresso the smoother taste of fresh-brewed drip coffee while preserving its complexities.

Caffe Con Espresso
Usually, drip coffee combined with a shot of espresso for a stronger drink. Also known as a Red Eye or a Caffe Olé. See also Espresso

Caffe Latté
An espresso drink made with steamed milk. First, a shot of espresso is extracted into a large cup. Then, milk is steamed in a stainless steel pitcher to a temperature of 140°F–160°F and poured into the cup. As the milk is poured, the foam is held back in the pitcher. The drink is then topped with the velvety foam. A Caffe Latté can be given a distinctive taste with the addition of flavored syrups. See also Espresso

Caffe Mocha
An espresso drink made with steamed milk and gourmet chocolate syrup. First, a shot of espresso is extracted into a large cup and gently mixed with chocolate syrup. Then, milk is steamed and poured into the cup. As the milk is poured, the foam is held back in the pitcher. The drink is then topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. See also Espresso, Caffe Latté

A naturally occurring alkaloid in coffee and, to a lesser extent, tea. It is used in medicine as a mild stimulant. A shot of espresso has the caffeine content of a can of soda. See also Decaffeination

An espresso drink made with steamed milk. First, a shot of espresso is extracted into a large cup. Then, milk is steamed in a stainless steel pitcher to a temperature of 140°F–160°F and poured into the cup. As the milk is poured, the velvety foam is left mixed in with the milk, for a lighter drink than the Caffe Latté. The crema is preserved at the top of the drink. See also Espresso

A traditional Indian tea drink that has recently become very popular in America. It usually features many spices that have become associated with the holiday season, such as cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg. Chai can be prepared like regular tea with tea leaves, or can be steamed into a Chai Latté.

Chai Latté
A milky tea-based drink. A Chai Latté can be prepared from tea leaves, but it is instead commonly made from Chai concentrate or powdered Chai. There is little consensus as to which method of preparation is the best; all forms of chai are delicious. See also Chai.

A commodity second only to oil in volume of trade, coffee comes in two varieties. “Institutional” coffee is made from low-quality robusta beans and is usually high in caffeine. “Specialty” coffee is usually made with higher-quality arabica beans and is consumed for its flavor rather than caffeine content. Coffee comes in many roasts, and can be brewed in many ways including drip, French press, and espresso.

A golden foam-like layer at the top of a freshly brewed shot of espresso. The crema has a desirable flavor that is mostly sensed by the nose, but is fragile and should be preserved in an espresso drink by extracting the espresso directly into the cup the drink will be served in.


The process of removing Caffeine from coffee. Coffee beans can be chemically decaffeinated, though the beans usually lose some flavor in the process. A large majority of caffeine in tea is removed in the first thirty seconds of brewing.

Drip coffee
The most common method used in America to prepare coffee. Coffee grounds are placed in a paper filter. Hot water is then sprayed onto the grounds and allowed to drip through into a pot. Coffee takes about 4 minutes to drip brew.


Espresso [es PRESS o]
A very flavorful coffee brewed on an espresso machine, one shot at a time. The espresso machine uses water of a high temperature and pressure to extract the best elements of the finely ground coffee into the espresso shot. Espresso shots can be enjoyed straight, sweetened, or in a milk-based beverage such as a Cappuccino or Caffe Latté. Espresso was commonly spelled “expresso” in the seventies as a play on words, but has now taken on its original Italian spelling.

Espresso Machine
The machine used to prepare espresso coffee beverages. Machines come in many varieties, from commercial to home use and from automatic to manual. They usually contain a boiler that heats and pressurizes water, groups for extracting the espresso, and steaming wands for hot beverage preparation. Machines can range in price from $40 to $10,000, and are usually described by their number of groups.


Fair trade
An indication that the people who originally created the product have been fairly compensated for their work.

Flavored syrups
Gourmet syrups usually made with natural ingredients that can be added to a drink to give it a distinctive flavor. Syrups come in sweetened, unsweetened, and sugar-free varieties. Earthtones features a wide variety of flavored syrups.

French press
Also known as a “coffee press,” the French press is a cylindrical glass with a circular screen insert, usually large enough to make only one or two drinks. Large grains of coffee (or tea leaves) are combined with hot water and left to brew inside the covered press. When brewing is complete (usually 4 minutes), the screen is pressed down to isolate the coffee grains at the bottom of the glass. The coffee is then poured into a mug for a freshly-brewed drink.


A machine used to grind coffee beans into grains or powder. Coffee should ideally be ground less than half an hour before brewing.


Slang term for Caffe Latté


Slang term for Caffe Mocha


Grown responsibly, for example without the use of pesticides.


An Italian-style grilled sandwich of many varieties, served on Foccacia bread.


Red Eye
See Caffe Con Espresso


Shade Grown
Produce grown without the destruction of the environment.


Any of a variety of drinks create through the infusion of leaves or herbs in water. Most commonly, green or black tea. Earthtones features a variety of teas.


Coffee beans that have originated from one country, usually having a distinctive flavor exclusive to that country or region. See also Coffee, Blend

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