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Our Delicious Coffee Beans

Our House Blend and Decaffeinated House Blend are always available freshly brewed or iced at Earthtones. We rotate through our other featured beans, brewing a different one each day (our home page lists the Coffees of the Day). We can also brew an individual serving for you of any of the coffees below in a French Press for only $2.50. All our coffees are available in bulk quantities for home brewing at the prices listed below.

Click on the images of the coffee beans for a more detailed view.

  House Blend     $9.95/lb
The most popular drip coffee at Earthtones, with a well rounded flavor, a full aroma, and a medium body.
  Decaffeinated House Blend     $9.95/lb
Very flavorful and well rounded decaffeinated coffee.
  Monsoon Medley     $10.95/lb
A low-acidic blend of beans imported from India. A smooth-tasting coffee without the side effects usually associated with coffee drinking.
  Peru Organic     $9.95/lb
Unique earthy almost sweet coffee, brisk acidity, medium bodied. Roasted at Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters.
  Costa Rica Tarrazu     $9.95/lb
Full, rich flavor, with excellent acidity. Roasted at Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters.
  Canandaigua Blend     $9.95/lb
Full body and full flavor. Roasted at Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters.
  Organic Mind, Body, and Soul     $10.95/lb
A euphoric blend that is lively, smooth & spicy. Certified organic, fairly traded , and shade grown.
  Kenya AA     $9.95/lb
Excellent straight coffee. Rich, powerful, wine-like acidity, full bodied. Roasted at Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters.
  French Roast     $9.95/lb
Strong, deep, dark roast with a medium body. Roasted at Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters.
  Italian Roast     $9.95/lb
A favorite European style coffee. The darkest roast at Earthtones. Roasted at Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters.
  Malabar Gold     $11.95/lb
Our espresso roast. A smooth, simple, premium espresso blend with low acid content and lighter roast. Features an unusually rich crema.

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