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Introducing Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is the coolest new drink on the Earthtones Coffee House menu, and we invite you to try it. You’ve probably never had anything quite like it before, and that makes it all the more fun!

What is it?
Bubble Tea is a relatively new drink that originated in Taiwan. The liquid part of the drink is usually made from a cold mixture of tea, sugar syrup, and milk; sometimes a fruit flavor is also added. What sets the drink apart is the addition of gummy pearls which sit at the bottom of the drink and are sucked up with the liquid through a fat straw.

What flavors do you offer?
Earthtones Coffee House currently offers three flavors: Green Tea, Green Tea Mango, and Green Tea Honeydew. You can have your Bubble Tea drinks either shaken over ice (which is the most common way) or blended.

Will I like it?
The taste of Bubble Tea might take a bit to get used to for some, but for others, it instantly becomes their favorite drink. You’ll probably smile a bit or even giggle the first time you try it.

How do you make it?
The following illustrations demonstrate the components and creation of Bubble Tea in its shaken form:

Click on any image to see the steps of Bubble Tea preparation.

Next time you’re at Earthtones Coffee House, we hope you give this new drink a try.

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