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Earthtones strives to meet every tea lover's needs with a wide variety of pre-packaged and loose leaf teas.

Numi Camellia teas

Chinese Breakfast: Perfectly balanced black tea, with elusive floral notes and a full finish.
Monkey King: Smooth and fragrant green tea scented with delicate jasmine flowers.
Temple of Heaven: Hand-rolled green tea leaves release a well-rounded nutty flavor.
Golden Chai

Numi Herbal teas

Red Mellow Bush: Red Rooibos tea, rich in anti-oxidents. This "miracle tea" has an earthy vanilla taste, complex and exotic.
Dry Desert Lime: Flavorful citrus taste, tart and refreshing. Also excellent over ice.
Bushman’s Brew: Slightly sweet with honey and wood overtones.
Simply Mint: A unique pure mint, invigorating and lively. An excellent after-dinner choice.
Sweet Meadows

Divinitea Camellia teas

Organic Earl Gray: Try this exquisite tea with its prominent Oil of Bergamot.
Organic English Breakfast: A medium-bodied, smooth sipping favorite.
Decaffeinated Black w/ Ginger: A ginger infused tea to settle and soothe.
Ceylon Green: A delicious tea for green tea lovers.

Divinitea Herbal teas

Peace on Earth: Orange peel, cinnamon, clove, licorice and blackberry leaf for a taste that soothes and inspires.
Organic Green Yerba Mate: A little-known drink, popular in South America.

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